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Map Manager - A Customized Interactive Map for Managing Locations, Reps, Customers, etc.

Our Map Manager enables you to see points on an interactive map, get information about those points, and find them in a searchable list. The points can be listed by categories with the categories shown with different symbols on the map. The categories can be turned on and off. The user can also edit the location and information of a point. The user can zoom and pan the map and see their own location.


Points on the map can represent your customer locations, your sale reps or field staff locations, facilities, or other features. Use Map Manager to see your locations and their associated data on the map.  For more information, including subscription costs, on how you can have a customized Map Manager created for your business, please contact us below.

Motor Carrier Air Mile (Nautical Miles) Distance Calculator

Need to know if a delivery address falls within 100 or 150 air miles from your central location? We can create an online map that will do just this. For a reasonable cost, we will provide a password-protected site focused on your central location. Drivers can enter an address and the map will determine how many air miles it is from your central location, which can be used to determine if you qualify for the 100 or 150 mile exemption for CDL drivers. Check out our sample map below which has a central point of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. Our map uses "air miles", which are different than standard miles or statute miles, or those that are shown on most online maps, and which are specified in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Interstate Truck Driver’s Guide to Hours of Service. Contact us below to learn how we can set up your own map.

Nearest Rep or Service Locator Map

Need to know where your nearest rep or service center is when a customer calls?  We can create an online map that shows your locations and can be accessed by your office staff or internal operations. Once we create your password-protected map that shows you locations, just enter the zip code of your customer and your nearest rep or service center will be identified. Your other locations will be listed in order of straight line distance from your customer. Contact us below to set up your own map.

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