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We've been designing and publishing maps for a long, long time, from before smartphones and wireless and Google. Yet we embrace these technologies and can provide maps on all forms of media. From paper to digital to mobile, we do it all.

You might have already seen our work! We're the cartographic team behind JIMAPCO Maps, the nationally acclaimed publisher of award-winning street maps and atlases. If you've lived or traveled in the northeastern United States, you've probably seen our maps in convenience stores, markets, or bookstores. We've also created thousands and thousands of maps for various towns, counties, fire districts, chambers of commerce, visitor bureaus, school districts, organizations, events, and just about everything else that can be shown on a map.

We are:

Paul Hein, lead cartographer, map designer, and project coordinator. With over 40 years of mapmaking experience, Paul has been part of the transformation of cartography as it evolved from manual methods of map production to sophisticated digital creations. Using our state-of-the-art mapping tools and backed by years of good map design and craftsmanship, he can do just about anything when it comes to maps. Paul works from his home office and cartographic studio in Saratoga Springs, NY. The map art you see on our Map Art page is what Paul does in his free time. 

Elton Dise, map programmer and cartographer. Elton and Paul have worked together for the past 30+ years. Elton specializes in map coding and getting mobile and online maps to do the things we like. He also is a stickler for accuracy and consistency. Elton works from his home in Troy, NY, and enjoys biking, history, and urban landscapes.

Linda Hungerford, cartographer. Linda has worked with Paul and Elton for over 16 years, the past 14 remotely from her home in Portland, Oregon. Linda specializes in fine-tuning maps so they're easy to read and simple to understand. All those little details you see (and some you don't, by design) - Linda did those. When not working on maps, Linda's interests are hiking, wilderness photography, and raising chickens.

Sanjay Mohan, cartographer and GIS specialist. A retired Indian Army Colonel and civil engineer, Sanjay has 20 years experience in cartography, photogrammetry, and GIS, including ArcGIS, MapInfo, QGIS, and MAPublisher. Sanjay works remotely from his home in Bengaluru, India, where he also enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking Punjabi food, and exercising.

Chris Hein, sales and marketing manager. Chris, our newest team member, is our customer point-of-contact, so if you send us a request, Chris will be the one to get back to you, making sure we understand exactly what your mapping needs are so we can deliver the perfect solution for you! He keeps the office on track, and makes sure your map is delivered on schedule. In his spare time Chris enjoys hockey, music, and working out.


Our office is located in Saratoga Springs, NY, but we can create maps of anywhere on earth. Contact us for more information on how we can provide the perfect map for you.



What Others Have Said About Us

“Great work, responsive, and delivers on time. Consistently exceeds expectations."


"Topographics not only completed the job at a competitive price, they gave insightful and relevant feedback regarding the ideas behind each map and put in extra effort to make things perfect. Creative, personable, and detail oriented, I couldn't have asked for a better specialist for the job.”

"I had to write and tell you how pleased we are with your map. It’s is not exactly what we were hoping for—it is ABOVE AND BEYOND!! Just thought you should know we spend wayyy more time staring at our wall now (where the map is located). It is a work of art but the best part is we can finally see where our area of work is, and more importantly than that, where we would like to be! Thanks again for making my job so much easier."

“Definitely the perfect choice for any mapping needs. Highly professional and committed. Waiting for hiring for the next job!”

"I was handing one of our new maps out to a new resident yesterday, they really do look great and it was something we really needed to do for our Town!"

“Always professional, thorough, and affordable. Highly recommended. ”

"Received the map. Absolutely phenomenal! Totally outdid my expectations, Thanks."

“Exceptional results full of brilliance and expertise, well beyond my expectations. Already looking forward to future projects with Topographics!”

“I have not had experience in this kind of work, so I needed to be led throughout the job. They were understanding and most helpful.”

“Topographics is responsive, professional, and knows their craft well. Recommended for anyone who needs GIS or mapping work done. 

“Consistently beats deadlines, asks intelligent questions, and goes the extra mile. Couldn't ask for more.”

“Excellent work! Easy to work with, very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks!”

“Fantastic Work! ”

“Second project, always a pleasure :-) Already planning to use again.”

“Topographics was great to work with! They were very flexible and patient, and even went above and beyond what we originally asked for. The quality of their work is superb and I highly recommend! ”

“Honest, hardworking and detailed. ”

“Working with Topographics was an absolute pleasure! They really did do a fantastic job!! And even caught a couple of errors in the source material that I gave them. Ultimately, they exceeded my expectations. I had a project that involved a lot of detail and they never missed a beat. I'll definitely be requesting their services in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for map design! ”

“Creative, polite, efficient, knowledgeable!”

“This is my second job with Topographics and they not only delivered on what I needed, but in a very short time frame!”

“They understood the work and provided samples of similar work they had done in the past. With very little instruction, they performed the job flawlessly and exceeded my expectation in a reasonable amount of time. I will use them again for similar work.”

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